Construction Site Accidents

Construction Site Accidents

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Construction Site and Scaffolding Accidents generally cause serious injuries.  Imagine a site where you see different subcontractors come in day-in and day-out, and often times, work side by side with one another.  Subcontractors, depending on the size of the project, may include:

  • Plasterer/stucco;
  • Plumber;
  • Concrete/flat work;
  • Framer;
  • Grader;
  • Roofer;
  • Sheet metal;
  • Masonry;
  • Painter;
  • Electrician;
  • Gardner;
  • Ironworker/welding;
  • Carpentry;
  • Forklift operator; and
  • Water truck driver.

These subcontractors, and possibly others, are scheduled to be on site by a Superintendent or a Project manage hired by the General Contractor.  The size of the project usually dictates the number of subcontractors needed.  It also makes a difference if the project is residential or commercial.

Because of the sheer number of subcontractors that generally work on the same project, construction site accidents are common.  One of the major causes of such accidents scaffolding.

Sometimes, subcontractors occupy the same space or use one another’s equipment, such as a scaffolding.  Sometimes, scaffolding is erected incorrectly, tied down improperly, is erected on the uneven or loose ground, or is overloaded with the material, causing it to fall.

When erecting and/or using scaffolding, there are strict rules which should be followed.  A qualified person, as defined by Cal-OSHA, should study the load before the load is placed on the scaffolding.  Additionally, there are safety code requirements and scaffolding must be braced properly.  A properly designed and erected scaffolding should use regulation-sized planks and consist of levels which are easily accessible to employees.  A properly installed scaffold should contain fall protection, including proper bracing, guardrails and safety harnesses.

Aside from the subcontractor who erected the scaffolding, others, including, but not limited to, the general contractor, may also be responsible for the safety of those using the scaffolding.  As part of his routine, the Superintendent (hired by the general contractor) should be holding safety meetings and should inspect the construction site including the scaffolding each day.  An improperly erected or fastened scaffolding could collapse or fall.  Additionally, employees who lack sufficient fall protection can fall from the scaffolding.

Apart from scaffolding, construction site accidents can occur in a myriad of other fashions.  Holes are left uncovered, flat work is left unfinished, and debris is left on the project.  These are fall hazards and tripping hazards.

When a construction site accident occurs, resulting injury could be traumatic.  Such injuries could include:

  • Head injuries;
  • Brain injuries and cognitive deficits;
  • Broken bones;
  • Neck injuries;
  • Back injuries;
  • Torn menisci;
  • Eye injuries; and
  • Severed limbs.

Due to the severity of such injuries and intricacies between subcontractors, it is important for an injured party to seek advice from a construction site accident attorney familiar with construction site accidents.  Such an attorney would be familiar with personal injuries sustained by the injured party.

At The Mason Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, we are very familiar with construction site accidents.  We will provide you with an honest and complete assessment and educate you as to your options. Additionally, we may be able to refer you to a medical professional, who can examine you and provide you with an assessment.

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