Don’t Let Your Auto Insurance Policy Lapse in Between Coverages

Don’t Let Your Auto Insurance Policy Lapse in Between Coverages

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Avoid Gaps in Coverage on Your Auto Insurance Policy.

Insurance Policy Lapses? Did you know that if you get into a car accident, you cannot receive compensation for pain and suffering unless you yourself have valid auto insurance as well – even if you are not at fault for the accident?

California Law

That’s right – under California law, regardless of fault, an uninsured driver is not entitled to recover pain and suffering damages in the event of an accident.

Insurance Policy Lapses

Why do I bring this up? Because of this morning, for the first time in as many years, we had a client who was shopping around for auto insurance and had allowed her coverage to lapse while deciding on a new policy.

Luckily for her and her family, she had chosen a new policy not 24 hours before getting into an accident.

It is perfectly fine to shop around for auto insurance, but never let your coverage lapse in the meantime – even for a day. It could be the day you need it most.

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