Does having more police result in fewer traffic accidents?

Does having more police result in fewer traffic accidents?

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Do more police officers on the road result in fewer accidents?

For some people in California, the public perception of police officers is that they increase safety. However, other people are questioning whether police officers are the best option for making the state’s roads and highways safer.

Traffic enforcement

Traffic stops are the most common tool available to police officers in their efforts to enforce traffic enforcement regulations and prevent personal injury to motorists. Critics of these traffic stops say that armed police officers don’t have to use demonstrations of force in response to a minor traffic violation. The supporters counter by saying any “show of force” is to protect the safety of officers. The support for this argument is the inherent danger that comes from pulling a car over without knowing who is inside the vehicle.

Are streets safer?

The most relevant question in this situation is: Are roadways safer due to traffic enforcement efforts? The simple answer is no. In terms of traffic accidents, California streets have grown more dangerous in recent years despite the efforts from law enforcement. This danger is most relevant to motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians. It is also worth noting that traffic fatalities happen more often to people living in the underserved communities where police officers tend to patrol more frequently.

Traffic enforcement alternatives

Speeding may represent the biggest threat to pedestrian safety. Automated speed enforcement cameras have been used successfully in many cities to deter speeding motorists. Another suggestion to make roads safer is to use a portion of the money that goes to policing efforts to redesign streets that are safer for pedestrians and bicyclists.

Automobile accidents can impact the lives of drivers and any passengers in an instant. A personal injury attorney may represent individuals involved in a traffic accident who are pursuing compensation for their losses.

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