Who has the right of way when you merge?

Who has the right of way when you merge?

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When you merge into traffic, who has the right of way?

Everyone in California has been in this situation at least once: You’re trying to merge on the highway, and other cars keep rushing past. You have the blinker on, but nobody will slow down and let you enter the highway. Who has the right of way in this situation?

Does the driver have the right of way when merging into traffic?

On the topic of safety tips/car accidents, it’s important to know who has the right of way when you get on the highway. If you make a mistake, the other driver could hold you at fault for the accident. When you’re trying to merge into traffic, the people who are already on the road have the right of way. They’re not legally obligated to slow down; in fact, you’re legally obligated to wait for your chance to merge onto the highway.

This also applies if you’re the one currently on the highway. The people who are trying to merge have to wait for you – not the other way around. When you’re on the highway, it’s not always safe for you to slow down and let someone pass in front of you. It’s better to be safe than be polite, so don’t worry about slowing down for every person who tries to merge.

If someone hits your vehicle while they’re trying to merge, you might want to hire a car accident attorney. Unless you did something reckless or illegal, it’s likely that a judge will hold the other driver at fault for the accident.

Were you injured in a car accident?

It’s important to know your rights after a car accident. If the other driver was at fault, you shouldn’t have to pay for medical bills without compensation. Many attorneys offer free consultations. You could talk to an attorney in your area and discuss your options to see if you could file a lawsuit.

If you decide to pursue a case, an attorney could help you prove that the other driver was responsible for the accident. Proving liability is one of the most vital parts of any car accident case.

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