Pedestrian safety facts for crosswalks away from intersections

Pedestrian safety facts for crosswalks away from intersections

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Information on pedestrian safety at crosswalks that are not at intersections.

In California, since pedestrians are at a significant risk when they are hit by a car, legislators and law enforcement constantly encourage drivers to adhere to the fundamental requirements for safety while also advising pedestrians to be aware of their own responsibilities. While crosswalks should be used when crossing the street, there are times when the crosswalk is not at the intersection. Being attentive to the rules for drivers and pedestrians is imperative.

Non-intersection crosswalks and the basics

Drivers and pedestrians could be confused as to the rules for crosswalks away from intersections. The design of the crosswalk away from an intersection is different with solid white lines. In some cases, there is a sign. Traffic lights will be yellow. If these lights flash, it means drivers should be cognizant of the presence of the crosswalk and proceed cautiously.

People may be unfamiliar with the law for these locations. A pedestrian or a bicyclist who is set to cross is required to yield to vehicles if they present a hazard. This means if there is a vehicle approaching, it is not legally obligated to stop for the pedestrian or bicyclist. At the same time, drivers must be mindful of people trying to cross. If the pedestrian or rider enters the road, the driver must yield.

Assistance can be key after a pedestrian accident

Pedestrians are inherently vulnerable to injuries if they are hit by a vehicle. Since they are completely devoid of protection, there can be broken bones, brain trauma, spinal cord damage and more. Fatalities are common with pedestrian accidents. Even if a person is adhering to the law when crossing the street, it does not grant them protection from reckless drivers, distracted drivers, drivers who are under the influence and others who are putting their interests above safety. Insurance companies might try to find excuses to defend claims by blaming the victim. After a pedestrian crash, those who were hurt or lost a loved one should know their rights and have legal advice on how to proceed.

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