Why do bicyclists need to be careful on the road?

Why do bicyclists need to be careful on the road?

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Why should bicyclists be extra cautious when venturing out into the road?

Riding a bike in and around California serves several purposes. Besides offering a way to exercise, bicycling presents drivers with an alternative to dealing with congested traffic. The cyclist’s close proximity to vehicles does leave him or her open to dangers. Following a few smart safety tips could cut down on the potential for an accident.

Bicycling on California roads

It might not hurt to perform a pre-trip inspection before heading out on a bicycle. Ensure the tires have the appropriate amount of air, the chains don’t show any problems, and everything else seems to be in working order. Remember, issues with the bike could lead to a mishap.

Unexpected disasters could occur even when taking many preventive safety steps, though. The tires might be okay, but the bike could hit a bottle in the road. If the cyclist falls off, wearing a helmet might prevent horrific injuries. Using appropriate safety gear and apparel they have its benefits.

A bicycle provides someone with better maneuverability, which comes in handy when trying to get from one place to another. However, ignoring safety rules and common sense of the road may turn an easy trip into a dangerous one. Stopping at stop signs, signaling before making turns, and riding with traffic flow are examples of following traffic laws.

Sharing the road with drivers

Vehicles could present the greatest threat to bicycles. An oversized pick-up truck or full-size SUV could inflict harm to someone, and so could smaller cars. Bicyclists need to be on the alert for drivers misbehaving and respond defensively to get out of harm’s way.

Bicyclists may follow all steps for bike lane safety, but there’s nothing they can do to prevent an intoxicated driver from speeding into a bike lane. Negligent drivers may be part of California’s bike lane/roadway landscape. Accidents happen, and the collisions may be the result of someone’s improper behavior.

Bicyclists may draw some comfort from knowing auto liability insurance could cover injuries. Even the cyclist’s uninsured motorist coverage may be appropriate in some instances.

Bicycle accidents could leave someone with life-changing injuries. A personal injury lawyer may help accident victims seek compensation.

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