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Motorcycle Injuries – Protect yourself

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Motorcycle Injuries – Protect yourself

Motorcycle accidents result in serious injuries or death.  In fact, statistics reveal that for every mile traveled, there are about 35 times more deaths resulting from motorcycle accidents than from car accidents.  Injuries are more severe in motorcycle accidents because motorcycles provide less protection in a crash when compared with other vehicles.
So, whether you drive a motorcycle or are thinking about buying one, safety should be one of your top priorities.  How do you go about protecting yourself?  Below is a simple, but not all inclusive, list:
(1) Helmet:  always wear a helmet that is “DOT Certified.” This ensures the quality and guarantees the helmet has gone through rigorous safety testing.  A properly-fitted helmet is the single most important safety equipment a driver or passenger can wear.  A full-face helmet provides the best protection.
(2)  Protective clothing:  wear protective jacket and pants, sturdy gloves that cover your wrists, and boots that protect your ankles. 
(3) Check your bike regularly:  before riding, make sure your motorcycle is in good condition. Check the tires, wheels, rims, drive system, electrical, fluids, clutch, throttle, mirror, and brakes.
(4)  Communication:  while driving, communicate with drivers or read vehicle language.  Do not rely on other driver’s judgment or assume they’ll respect your right of way. They may not see you or may misjudge your distance or speed.  When in doubt, yield the right of way. 
(5)  Watch for signals:  when overtaking vehicles, watch for signal lights, front wheel movements or drivers who are shoulder-checking or checking their mirrors. 
(6) Avoid blind spots:  do your best to stay out of drivers’ blind spots. 
(7)  Be conspicuous:  remember that you may be invisible to drivers on the road.  So, be as conspicuous as possible.  Wear bright clothing, ride with your headlights on, and always position yourself in the best spot to be seen.
(8) Avoid hazardous road conditions:  avoid bad weather when possible. If you do get caught in the rain, be gentle when using your brakes, throttle, and steering.
(9)  Defensive driving:  be alert for potential dangers, and always maintain a safe following distance, and avoid cars that make erratic moves. 
(10)  Learn proper techniques:  take a motorcycle safety course.  You should learn the basic skills and master evasive emergency maneuvers to stay safe from others on the road.

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