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Client Testimonial, Santa Clarita Injury Attorney 5 star rating

Five-Star Personal Injury Lawyer Testimonial

At the Mason Law Firm, we have been fighting for our clients for over 25 years. Below you will find our clients personal injury clients testimonials, the ultimate compliment to our personal injury attorney, Mason Rashtian. Some names have been omitted or abbreviated for privacy purposes.

We have provided successful, compassionate and personal service to thousands of clients throughout Santa Clarita, California, and all of Los Angeles County. It will be our privilege to help you and your family, if ever needed.

This is the second time I have had the Mason Law Firm handle a personal injury accident for me. The service they provide is the best. They keep you very informed of what is happening throughout the entire process.

This is the only firm I have found that actually answers the phone and returns phone calls in the same day. The entire staff is very knowledgeable about Law and is very helpful.

The final outcome is the important part and they have exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend using them you won’t be disappointed!

Thank you guys for all you have done.

Sincerely, James Alpert

Mason and Nicole were very communicative and knowledgeable. They do excellent work. They made sure all my bills were taken care of and I received a large settlement after a serious car accident.

Christian Clauson

I appreciate the low key approach by the entire team at The Mason Law Firm. Several years ago, I was rear-ended in a crash and my chiropractor recommended this firm. They served me well, coordinating all medical and insurance claims, so I didn’t have to. I wasn’t looking for any payout, just covering my costs, but they coordinated a reasonable settlement to cover all my costs. When my daughters were involved in subsequent not-their-fault accidents, we called Mason and he took care of everything. The Mason staff is unfailingly polite, responsive and helpful. Hopefully, we never have to contact them again, but I know they will do a great and effective job if we do.

Kathi D.

Handwritten client letter

Mason Law Firm…Your Thoughtfulness Will Always Be Remembered

Love You All

Carolina S.

Handwritten client letter

Thank you so much for all your help! P.S. Happy Holidays!!

The Shelton’s

Handwritten client letter

Dear Mr. Mason Rashtian:

Thank you for your professional help to resolve my case quickly. I am very satisfied with the legal services provided by your firm.


Humberto Corzo

Handwritten client letter

Dear Mr. Mason,

Thank you for representing my boys and I to a successful conclusion of this accident. We are glad to put it behind us! You are very professional and pleasurable and I appreciated working with you! Best Regards.


Mason Law Firm was my 4th lawyer in a slip and fall injury case. He was recommended to me by a friend I will recommend him to anyone. His firm was friendly, prompt, and professional. An absolute pleasure to deal with. What a blessing it was when he was recommended to me.  ;0)

Jodi Greenberg Paras

Thank you very much for taking care of this! I really appreciate it!!!


Mason is an excellent attorney and I highly recommend him to handle anyone’s personal injury matters. I’m always impressed in the pride he takes in ensuring his clients’ interests are diligently pursued to get them fair compensation for their injuries.

Attorney Andrew Cohen

Mason is a hardworking and honest attorney who is a pleasure to work with.

Dawn W.

Mason is an aggressive, quick-thinking litigator who vigorously fights on behalf of his clients. He is an excellent attorney.

Attorney Edwin Rathbun

Mason is great attorney with his client’s best interests always in mind.

Attorney Jin Nishi

Mason works very hard and puts in long hours to ensure that his clients get the results that they deserve. It is evident that he cares passionately about fulfilling his obligations to his clients and making sure that they are fully compensated when they have suffered an injury or loss at the hands of someone else’s negligence or incompetence.

Attorney Daniel Kann

Mason provides his clients with candid and honest appraisals of their case. He won’t mislead you but instead, you will be advised of all the pros and cons of your case, thereby providing you with a realistic expectation. Any lawyer can make false promises. Mason’s honesty and integrity are top notch. I’ve known him for several years, and I’ve referred cases to Mason without hesitation.

Attorney Robert Mansour

I endorse Mason 100%. Mason is one of the hardest working Attorneys in any community. Mason is honest, caring and at all times professional. I have never hesitated to refer anyone looking for legal advice to Mason.

Attorney Edward Kent

I am pleased to endorse Mason Rashtian, who is one of the most tenacious and hard-working attorneys I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. His reputation is that of a lawyer who will not rest until he has achieved the best results possible. That, and the fact that he is a genuinely nice guy, is a formidable combination.

Attorney Gregg Lander

I endorse this lawyer. Mason is the hardest working and most ethical attorney with whom I have had the pleasure to work. I would trust Mr. Rashtian without reservation to handle my most sensitive matters. On top of that, he is just a great guy.

Attorney Bradley Hague

Natalie was always kind and helpful when I called on status of the case. Mason always made sure I understood what all the details were for the case. Thank you for helping me promptly.

His Staff

Mason has represented me on two cases. He was very dedicated and responsive to my inquiries. He explained my options and was very knowledgeable about the lawsuits which we filed on my behalf. I would highly recommend him and his firm, The Mason Law Firm.

Lili B.

Dear Mr. Rashtian: It has been a great pleasure in working with your office. You have shown nothing but poise, class and above all, respect and loyalty to your clients. In a world where everything seems unpredictable and unexpected, you make things right. Thank you for making this horrible experience something bearable.Very truly yours,

Susan G.

I enjoyed working with you. You made the process easy. Thanks again.

Wendy U.

Thank you for taking care of me and doing the best job for me. You are such a personal lawyer and easy to talk to. I appreciate what you did to reduce your fee. Not many attorneys would do that.

Tokiko S.

Mason Rashtian was very courteous. He always took calls and explained when he would be out of the office. He always gave his input and advice but let me know I was in charge. Very appreciated!

Kristan C.

Appreciated the personal attention, always being able to reach you, prompt responses to our questions and a full explanation of our options and the risks/possibilities associated with each.

Lori G.

Mason Rashtian is currently handling a difficult accident case for my family. He always acts in the best interest of his clients and considers each case to be special. Mason is professional and I trust him very much. I would recommend Mason Rashtian to anyone needing his special skills in negotiation and protecting his client’s rights. I hope I do not need an attorney’s assistance again in the future, but if I do, I will go see Mason Rashtian


If you are looking for an honest attorney, one who really cares about people, and is highly professional, The Mason Law Firm is where you want to go for your legal matters.

My Testimonial. I was surprised that my case settled as quick as it did. I was happy with the outcome. Mason is very approachable and easy to talk to. He’s very calm and professional. Thank you for your services


Mason came highly recommended. I will always be grateful for his help with my case. He handled everything in a professional manner and I was very pleased with my settlement.

Exceeded my expectations! Honest, dependable, knowledgeable, and easy to get a hold of! He definitely has my recommendations!

Julie A.

We were satisfied with the outcome of our case. The monies received were very satisfying. Thank you for your services.

The Garcias

Thank you so much for the help on my case, your amazing.

Ashley W.

Thank you for all your help

Steven S.

Extremely caring and knowledgeable … went above and beyond my expectations! Mason’s confidence when dealing with opposing counsel was quite impressive … I was proud to have him on my side … highly recommended!


Handwritten client letter

Dear Mason, I sincerely thank you for handling our case. I went through a very hard time when I broke my leg. I’m glad to finally have it behind me. Thank you for the work you put into it, I know my parents appreciate all of your work as well. You really came through for us and I wish you all the best. God Bless


My daughters and I were hit by a drunk driver on Soledad Canyon Road in Canyon Country. Initially, dealing with our insurance company without representation was difficult since the fault was with the drunk driver with whom we had no information (police arrested him immediately). Eddy Chiropractic was treating my daughters and I, and they recommended Mason Rashtian to us as a personal injury attorney. We were told Mason was of high character, firm with insurance companies, and very fair. They were right! The process in getting to settlement could not have been easier when I went to The Mason Law Firm. Following an interview and the signing of contractual agreement, Mason handled everything with the police and the drunk drivers insurance company. He advised wisely on rejecting an initial low ball offer from the insurance company, wrote a stern letter back, and in the end got a settlements for myself and my daughters that were fair and a little above our expectations. I would highly recommend Mason Rashtian to you. He is very knowledgeable of personal injury law and knows how to deal with insurance companies to get good settlements without going to court. He also has a warm and friendly personality, and he is very pleasant to work with.

Derk S.

I had a wonderful experience with The Mason Law Firm. Mason represented me in a civil matter and he took care of everything. I can sleep better at night.

Michelle F.

Mason helped me deal with a Moving and Storage Company that lost my furniture. Mason dealt with them so I didn’t have to be frustrated.

M. Friedman

The Mason Law Firm is professional and operates with the highest level of integrity. I have referred to them on several occasions and they are knowledgeable and informative. You must be in complete trust with your attorney and they have earned mine. I have also referred several friends to them for car accidents and in every case they exceeded their expectations. I will continue to recommend them as a personal injury Law Firm. They have not disappointed.

Stephanie G.

We refer all our clients to The Mason Law Firm because of the personal experience we have had. We were on a very busy time schedule and Mason really helped us out and got what we needed done very quickly. As a business owner it is very important to have great referrals for our clients because we want those referrals to take care of our clients like we take care of them. Thank you Mason, for taking care of us and our families.

Frances G.

Mason is one of the most professional and outstanding people I’ve ever met. We had met previously and through I’d never wish to find myself needing his services, once I got in an accident I had not doubt about using him. Our car accident resulted in a totaled car and 3 people with back injuries. Not only did he help us resolve the accidents as it was not our fault, but he also recommended us to the best chiropractor out there. He was honest and helped with all questions. Luckily we didn’t make it to trial but he got us a fair settlement. We loved his service to us and are completely happy with help! Would recommend anyone who has gone through an accident to give him a call!

Lorena P.