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Construction site accidents occur often and can be very serious. On a construction site, injuries can occur in a variety of ways. A superintendent and a construction manager generally set schedules for a variety of subcontractors including those in charge of drywall/plaster, stucco, plumbing, concrete/flatwork, framing, grading, gardening and painting, just to name a few. The Mason Law Firm, managed by personal injury attorney Mason Rashtian, has handled countless construction site-related accidents and cases. If you are injured on a construction site, we can help you, too.

A construction site has many workers and subcontractors, increasing the risk of accidents and injuries.

Construction sites are busy places involving many groups of people, from suppliers and ironworkers to welders and forklift operators. Depending on the size of the construction project, there may also be a watering truck driver. With all the different types of subcontractors involved, scaffolding may be erected incorrectly or tied down improperly, holes may be left uncovered, flatwork may be left unfinished, and debris may be left on the project.

The Mason Law Firm has assisted clients from all over California, including Valencia, Santa Clarita, Los Angeles County, and even the Northern and Southern regions. We have dealt with a variety of injury cases, including:

  • Scaffolding cases, including a masonry subcontractor who sustained major injuries, including brain injury, broken bones and photophobia (light sensitivity) after falling 90 feet (lawsuit was filed against eight different subcontractors, including the forklift operator with personal injury damages in the millions)
  • Cases involving open holes, resulting in torn menisci and broken ankles
  • Cases involving unfinished stairs, resulting in knee surgeries
  • Improperly fastened iron gates that fell on subcontractors, resulting in shoulder, back and knee surgeries
  • Loss of an eye when a subcontractor was hit in the eye with a nail gun
  • Construction workers sustaining injuries, including valley fever, during the construction of a major power plant near Bakersfield

You name it, we have dealt with it. When it comes to construction site-related accidents, hire an attorney who is familiar with construction sites and the different factors that can lead to injury.

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