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You are not alone if you or a loved one has been hurt or killed in a collision with a semi-truck. About 5,000 people are killed and 115,000 are injured in accidents involving large trucks every year. Passengers in the smaller vehicle are at risk of serious injury or death in even a minor collision with a large truck due to the massive weight difference between the two vehicles.

A truck accident that results in serious injury or death calls for the help and support of a skilled Truck Accident Lawyer. The trucking companies and their insurers will try to place the blame on the victim and minimize their role in the accident. The Mason Law Firm has what it takes to make them pay. Get a free consultation at 661-270-5677.

The Bigger The Truck, The More Serious The Accident

In the United States, the maximum legal weight for an 18-wheeler is 80,000 lbs. (i.e., 40 tons). In comparison, the average passenger vehicle weighs somewhere around 5,000 lbs. The gross difference in the size and weight accounts for the high rate of serious injuries and fatalities that occur. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, there are about 5,000 deaths each year in crashes involving large trucks. The vast majority of those fatalities are occupants of the smaller vehicle.

For these reasons, there are special safety rules and regulations that truck drivers have to follow, regardless of whether the driver is an employee of the trucking company or an owner-operator. A truck accident can occur regardless of whether the truck driver adhered to or violated those safety rules and regulations.

Potential Causes Of Truck Accidents

  • Driving too fast – The length of time it takes an eighteen-wheeler to stop is generally 40% greater than that of a passenger vehicle. This estimate could vary depending on the weight of the load the truck is carrying, weather conditions, road conditions and whether or not the truck is bobtailing (i.e., whether the truck is being driven without an attached trailer).
  • Driving too close – Sometimes, a truck driver is driving too close to the vehicle in front of him and when that vehicle stops, the truck may not have sufficient distance to stop before striking the vehicle.
  • Driver fatigue – Pursuant to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, truck drivers must keep logs, showing their hours of operation (driving) and their off-duty hours. These strict guidelines, created to reduce driver fatigue or to keep them to a minimum, must be adhered to by truck drivers. When a driver fails to adhere to these rules, fatigue may set in, making him a dangerous driver.
  • Driver error – Because of the height of his truck, a truck driver may fail to see a passenger vehicle in his blind spot or see a pedestrian crossing the street. As a result, the truck may strike another vehicle or the pedestrian.
  • Driver distraction – A truck driver can get distracted by using a cellphone, by conversing with his passenger or by being preoccupied with the radio. These distractions can make him a danger on the road, resulting in a truck accident.
  • Driver aggression – Truck drivers are on strict time schedules, especially when they are delivering perishable goods. If a driver is running late, he tends to become more aggressive, placing others at risk.
  • Load shift – If a truckload is not tied down properly, it can shift during transport. If that happens, the weight of the load can cause the driver to lose control of his truck, resulting in a truck accident.

We work quickly to preserve evidence of the conduct of the truck driver or trucking company that may have contributed to the crash.

Protecting Your Rights And Pursuing Your Compensation

In addition to the serious injuries, truck accidents are complex cases. It is very important to contact an attorney who is familiar with motor vehicle accidents in general and truck accidents in particular. The Mason Law Firm is managed by personal injury attorney Mason Rashtian. Before opening his own practice, Mason Rashtian was an insurance defense attorney. In that capacity, Mason defended truck drivers involved in catastrophic accidents, including cases involving fatalities.

Additionally, he handled cases with less serious injuries such as rotator cuff tears, herniated discs, whiplash and back pain. Needless to say, he has seen it all. Mason has litigated truck accident cases all throughout California, including, but not limited to, Los Angeles County, Ventura County, Orange County, San Bernardino County and the Palm Springs/Indio area.

If you have been involved in an accident with a tractor-trailer or any large truck, call us at 661-270-5677 or contact us online. We provide a free consultation and we pride ourselves on developing personal relationships with our clients.

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