Undetected Brain Injury After A Car Accident

Traumatic brain injury - Traumatic brain injury Lawyer

It’s possible that a car accident caused a brain injury that wasn’t immediately apparent.

A California car accident is dangerous and can cause many types injuries to your body. Sometimes these injuries will appear immediately after the accident, and other times they go undetected or unnoticed until it’s too late. One of these that often go undetected is a traumatic brain injury.

What is a TBI

TBI stands for traumatic brain injury. Traumatic brain injuries can cause a variety of effects that people may not be aware of, including behavioral changes, poor memory, problems focusing and difficulties when trying to learn.

Why it can go unnoticed

It is very easy for a TBI to go undetected or unnoticed because many people assume that the issues that they are dealing with are natural and not caused by an injury. If you suffer a TBI and that causes you to become more forgetful, you may just assume that you’re just a forgetful person or that your memory isn’t as good as it used to be because you were getting older. Another reason it might go undetected is that there could be a long period of time after your car accident where you have no symptoms, then weeks or months later, symptoms arise so you don’t assume that it is due to the injuries you sustained from the car accident.

What to do after a car accident

After getting into a car accident and contacting your personal injury attorney, it is crucial that you seek medical attention immediately. As previously stated, symptoms caused by a TBI don’t always appear immediately, so you shouldn’t wait until they appear before seeing a doctor.

If there’s anything going on with you that is unusual, be sure to mention it to your doctor and ask questions to help determine if something is wrong. There are also many other injuries you can sustain from a car accident that don’t have any symptoms until a few days afterwards, so you should always get evaluated immediately.

Suffering from a traumatic brain injury can be very serious and can even be fatal in certain instances. It is estimated that there are millions of people who have suffered from a TBI but haven’t realized it, so don’t hesitate to get evaluated by a medical professional.

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