Can a motorcycle crash lead to head injuries?

Motorcycle accident head injury - Brain Injury Lawyer

A motorcycle accident may cause a head injury.

Compared to the drivers in covered vehicles, motorcyclists actually have a much higher chance of suffering from injuries even when wearing all the proper protective gear. This even extends to head injuries, despite the help helmets provide.

While helmets reduce the chance of certain head injuries, it is still possible for a crash to result in fractures, contusions and more.

How helmets protect from injury

The National Library of Medicine discusses the difference in protective success that helmets have. For example, according to the study, wearing a helmet reduced the chance of skull fractures by up to 69 percent. Cerebral contusions saw a reduction of 71 percent, while intracranial hemorrhage saw a 53 percent reduction.

From the number alone, you can tell three things. First: helmets do not provide blanket protection or an overall reduction of all injuries, which you can see in the difference between intracranial hemorrhage and skull fractures.

Do they really help?

Second: none of these numbers reflect 100 percent protection. In other words, while helmets do greatly reduce the risk of these injuries, they cannot eliminate the risk entirely. Even when wearing helmets, motorcyclists can suffer from any number of injuries to the head.

But third and finally: wearing a helmet still provides a substantial reduction in the chance of suffering from any head injury at all. When it comes to protection and injury reduction, even 53 percent is better than 0 percent.

In other words, motorcyclists should understand that a helmet will not provide foolproof protection no matter what. However, they should also know that wearing a helmet is better than not wearing anything at all.

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