Picking the perfect motorcycle helmet

Picking the perfect motorcycle helmet

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Motorcyclists face many safety hazards including inclement weather, road debris and other distracted drivers. Even the most confident and experienced motorcyclists could still end up in an accident.

Whether or not people experience severe injuries if they crash their motorcycle is often a matter of preparation. Riders that prioritize the use of safety gear may substantially reduce their risks of getting hurt. Helmets, in particular, can provide protection when carefully chosen and worn properly.

Identify the manufacturer

There are many motorcycle helmets to choose from. In fact, a wide range of novelty helmets has made their way into the hands of consumers. However, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration warns that helmets that do not display the DOT symbol may fail to meet the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard.

When consumers plan to shop for a new motorcycle helmet, they should pay particular attention to a helmet’s manufacturer. They should look for a visibly displayed DOT symbol. They can also read reviews of various helmets to identify a product that meets their personal standards for reliability, comfort and function.

Perfect the fit

A helmet that does not fit properly may not provide enough protection in an accident. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said that in the year 2017, motorcycle helmets saved an estimated 1,872 lives. Because helmets play such an integral role in rider safety, finding one that fits properly is paramount.

When assessing fit, motorcyclists should understand how to properly adjust their helmets to accommodate the size of their heads. They should also pay attention to how it feels when they shake their heads. Selecting the right helmet can improve a rider’s experience and increase their safety.