Statistics on pedestrian accidents in California

Statistics on pedestrian accidents in California

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Whether you like to get exercise, walk to work or walk to a nearby location without starting your car, you could find yourself walking near traffic for various reasons. As a pedestrian, you need to remain alert whenever you walk or jog around vehicles. Many pedestrians suffer serious injuries and die as a result of negligent drivers, and these accidents are especially prevalent in California.

It is very important to go over statistics on pedestrian accidents in the Golden State in order to understand the risks you face as a pedestrian and focus on safety.

California sees more pedestrian deaths than any other state

According to the Office of Traffic Safety, more pedestrians lose their lives in traffic accidents in the state of California than in any other state in the U.S. From 2009 to 2018, almost 7,500 pedestrians lost their lives in pedestrian accidents in this state, and the rate of pedestrian fatalities in California is nearly 25% higher when compared to the national average.

Many California pedestrians sustain injuries in accidents

The OTS reports that over the course of 2018, over 14,000 pedestrians sustained injuries in traffic accidents. There are various ways that drivers and pedestrians can work to avoid an accident. Drivers should avoid distractions and pay extra attention at crosswalks when backing up and during periods of poor visibility. Pedestrians can wear bright clothing, carry a flashlight at night and exercise caution before crossing the road.

Sadly, more pedestrian accidents will cause serious injuries and deaths in the months ahead. If a reckless driver caused an accident that has affected you or a family member, you deserve justice.