Is that aggressive driving or just inattention?

Is that aggressive driving or just inattention?

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Is that a case of aggressive driving or simple lack of attention?

You likely encounter aggressive drivers almost every day. These are individuals who intentionally drive in a dangerous manner. Examples of things they may do include frequently changing lanes, tailgating and breaking the speed limit. They’re choosing to drive in a way that isn’t just reckless, but also negligent. They’re putting you at risk.

However, some reports have noted that there is a bit of an overlap between aggression and inattention. In other words, if you see someone who appears to be driving aggressively, it could just be that they’re not paying attention. You can’t always assume that they are angry or that they even have an intent to drive so dangerously.

That doesn’t mean they’re not negligent. Inattention is just a different form of negligence. But it is important to note how these two may look similar when you’re on the road.

An example: Tailgating

One example of this is tailgating. This is definitely something that is done when someone is driving aggressively, often because they want the other car to speed up or move out of their way. Someone may also tailgate if they have been cut off or if something else happened between the two cars, and they’re using it as a way to express their displeasure. They know that they’re driving too close, and they’re doing it on purpose, despite the risks.

However, tailgating could also happen when a driver was just looking down at their phone and not really paying attention to the road. They may not notice that traffic has slowed ahead of them, and they could accidentally creep up too close to the next car. They may also simply not realize that the gap has gotten so small. Their own inattention has caused them to drive this way.

Speeding can also happen from inattention. A driver who is focused on something other than the road, such as fast music, may accidentally speed up. This looks aggressive to you as that car gets closer to your back bumper, but it could just be a mistake.

You can still seek compensation

Again, this is still a negligent type of driving, even if it doesn’t result from road rage or aggression. As such, if you’re injured in an accident caused by one of these drivers, you may still be able to seek financial compensation for your injuries.

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