What is dooring?

What is dooring?

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Cyclists have a hard time sharing the road as is, simply because of how badly they lack any sort of substantial protection.

Unfortunately, there are some dangers that pose a bigger risk than others. There are other risks that a cyclist may not even know to expect. This is where issues like dooring take the floor.

Injuries from dooring

Momentum Mag looks into the injury-causing act of dooring. Dooring happens when a person inside a parked vehicle opens their car door right into the path of an oncoming cyclist, giving the cyclist no time to react.

This typically causes one of two scenarios to occur. First, the cyclist may end up launching over the top of the car door after hitting it. Even with the proper protective gear, this can still cause moderate injuries such as laceration wounds, friction burns, bruising, head injuries and broken bones.

Second, the cyclist may either get knocked into the road, or they could swerve into the road on reflex to avoid hitting the door. In either scenario, this potentially puts the cyclist in the path of oncoming traffic who may not have the time needed to react and slow down.

Cyclists in traffic

Unfortunately, the second type of incident can result in severe injury. Since a cyclist has little protection, getting hit by a car can result in enormous impact damage which can cause life-threatening and deadly complications. Cyclists may even end up dead on the scene.

Due to the severe consequences of dooring, it is important for everyone to have an awareness of it. Drivers should always check before opening their doors and cyclists should avoid hugging the cars wherever possible.