How can trucking industry negligence impact all drivers?

How can trucking industry negligence impact all drivers?

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The trucking industry impacts more people than just the truckers driving their vehicles. However, many people do not have any awareness of exactly how deep these impacts potentially go.

Exactly how does trucking industry abuse and neglect affect every driver on the road?

Why are trucks so dangerous?

USA Today discusses the impact of truck drivers and the trucking industry on the whole road. In essence, truckers have the biggest potential for danger among any type of driver simply due to the size and weight of the vehicles they manage. One 18-wheel truck could easily involve a multitude of other cars in a single crash. On top of that, the opposing vehicle almost always comes out worse for wear.

Truckers often pose a particular danger due to the high rates of drowsiness among drivers, too. As many know, drowsy driving is an extremely dangerous distracted driving activity that leads to elevated rates of crashes, injuries and fatalities.

Contributing causes in the industry?

And what causes or majorly contributes to these crashes? Simply put, abuse and negligence in the trucking industry can contribute to it.

For example, many companies will incentivize their drivers with prizes like vacations or money to get them to cram as many routes into a day as possible. Some may even threaten their workers with the worst routes or demotion if they cannot manage to do an inhuman amount of work. Of course, many sacrifice their sleep to meet these demands.

These industries also turn a blind eye to the toxic culture of trucking. Many truckers act as though every driver should manage fine on barely any sleep, even though they are not superhuman or exempt from the rules of a human body. This can lead to elevated risks of crashes, which naturally impacts every driver on the road.