Walking? Avoid the interstate to protect yourself
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If your car breaks down, it’s not worth the risk to walk on the highway.

If you’ve ever had your vehicle break down on the highway in California, you know how dangerous it can be. There are often dozens of vehicles approaching at any one time, and high-speed corridors make it almost impossible to get out of your vehicle to replace a tire or walk to the next exit.

Did you know that only around 18% of all pedestrians killed on freeways were there because of disabled vehicles? That means that all others killed on freeways or interstates were there because of other reasons, like attempting to cross the freeway to get to a destination or being intoxicated and walking near the roadway.

California is not immune to pedestrian collisions

While pedestrians are much more common in California, that doesn’t mean that they’re safer. When researchers focused on California, they found that most people killed on foot were trying to cross interstates or freeways during the study period. In those cases, the majority were trying to cross freeways or highways where the busy roadways separated commercial, nonresidential and residential areas.

It’s most common to see pedestrian fatalities involving freeways or interstates happen at night. In fact, between 2015 and 2017, it was determined that over half of all fatal collisions happened at night and in urban areas. In the majority of cases, the speed limit was also 65 mph or higher, increasing the risk of a fatal blow in a crash.

What could California do to stop these crashes?

There is no simple solution, but having better lighting and improving the headlights installed in vehicles could help. Reducing speed limits in areas where pedestrians are likely to cross may prevent crashes, too. Considering that 90% of pedestrians hit at 55 mph or more die from their injuries, slower speeds could be a major support in reducing fatalities in the state.

If you’re hit, remember that you do have rights. Drivers need to be cautious, and if they were speeding or reckless, you could have a claim against them for the injuries they’ve caused and any changes in your life that have resulted from the crash.

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