Why do people accept drowsy driving?

Why do people accept drowsy driving?

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Despite the obvious dangers, why do people put up with drowsy motorists?

Many people band together to try bringing certain dangerous driving behaviors to an end. This includes issues like intoxicated driving and texting while driving.

But did you know that some dangerous behaviors actually get a pass from many people, too? In particular, drowsy driving often gets less of a harsh reputation than others despite it falling under the same dangerous “distracted driving” umbrella as the two aforementioned problems.

The risks of drowsy driving

The CDC discusses the devastating impact of drowsy driving. First, drowsiness impacts the body in a way similar to intoxication. Drowsy drivers cannot react quickly or mentally identify potential sources of danger. They also risk falling asleep at the wheel, which can lead to devastating crashes such as when a sleeping driver goes over the median on a highway and into oncoming traffic.

Despite that, many people do not consider drowsy driving “dangerous” – or at least not as dangerous as texting or drinking while driving. Why? In short, it is because many people will drive without getting enough sleep, and they can usually make it to their destination alright.

A false feeling of safety

They will then tell their friends that they have driven while drowsy and done it “safely”. They may even pass on supposed wakefulness tips and tricks to help stay alert. What they do not know is that these tricks do not work indefinitely.

While it may not happen right away, it just takes one accident to leave a devastating or even deadly impact on the life of a driver. Waving off drowsy driving as something less dangerous than it is will only lead to injury or even death.

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