How do brain injuries change a person?

How do brain injuries change a person?

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In what ways does a brain injury affect a person’s mental health?

Suffering from a blow to the head is not uncommon in car crashes. Many victims will end up with a head injury and even potential brain trauma due to these crashes, and these resulting injuries can wreak havoc in a victim’s life.

For example, a traumatic brain injury (TBI) can impact everything from a victim’s temperament to their personality. But how?

Factors of influence

Medline Plus discusses the impact of brain injuries on a victim’s mental health. Many factors determine how a head injury will manifest and impact the victim. This can include the age and health of the victim, the strength of the blow, how much of the impact the skull absorbed, and the area the blow centered on.

However, one common effect involves changes to a victim’s personality, seemingly. This often happens with frontal lobe damage in particular, due to the control that it has over impulses and reactionary responses.

Loss of control

With a damaged frontal lobe, many victims will lose their ability to control their temper. Some will begin lashing out at others, despite never having these issues before. This often feels jarring to the victim’s loved ones and serves as a source of discomfort and embarrassment for the victim, too.

Many also lose their ability to cope with stress and other high-intensity emotions well. This can lead to victims mishandling situations, developing anxiety or depression due to these instances of mismanagement.

Because of these impacts, it is important for TBI victims to get treatment as fast as possible. This serves as the best way to help reduce such impacts as this.

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