Home remedies are not good for serious burns

Home remedies are not good for serious burns

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Home remedies are not recommended for severe burns.

When you drive your car, truck or SUV, suffering a serious burn is probably far from your mind. Still, because most vehicles on the road today have internal combustion engines that run on flammable fuel, you have some risk of sustaining a burn in a vehicle fire.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, motor vehicle fires make up roughly 16% of all fires that firefighters respond to in the U.S. in any given year. Sadly, they also account for nearly 10% of all civilian fire-related injuries in the country.

Serious burns

Physicians use a degree-rating scale to describe the severity of burn wounds. While home remedies may work somewhat for a first-degree burn, they are not likely to be effective for second- or third-degree ones. Rather, these remedies, such as applying ice, are likely to do more harm than good.

Medical emergencies

If you have serious burns or burns that cover major sections of your body, it is imperative for you to treat your injuries as a medical emergency. Remember, burns can be exceedingly difficult to treat. They can also quickly lead to other life-threatening complications. Put simply, there is no substitute for going to the emergency room for immediate treatment.

Your finances

The ER at your community hospital may not have the expertise or equipment to treat catastrophic burns, requiring physicians to transfer you to a trauma center. Long-term and intensive care at a trauma center can be almost unbelievably expensive, of course.

Ultimately, by seeking compensation from the driver who is responsible for the accident and your vehicle fire, you can obtain the care you need without going bankrupt.

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