Taking a few precautions will help you enjoy a safer bicycle ride

Taking a few precautions will help you enjoy a safer bicycle ride

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Perhaps you are among those for whom cycling is a way of life. Or perhaps you simply enjoy the occasional outing for fresh air and exercise.

Regardless, safety is of utmost importance to any cyclist, and by taking some precautions, you can enjoy a safer ride.

Choosing a helmet

A helmet is the most important piece of safety equipment you can have. Sizes vary according to manufacturers so make sure you choose one that fits properly. Adjust the straps until the helmet feels secure. Be sure the helmet you want has CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) approval.

Getting ready to go

Make sure your bicycle is in perfect shape, that the brakes work and the tires are properly inflated before you head out. Along with reflectors, your bike should have a red taillight and a white front light. Always assume that motorists cannot see you, so wear bright colors during the day and reflective gear after dark.

Planning your route

If you can, choose a less traveled route to enjoy a safer ride. However, if you do ride in traffic, drive with the flow, remain alert at all times and scan the area ahead for potholes, pebbles and other items that could cause you trouble. Follow all traffic laws and focus solely on your riding, no texting or listening to music.

Seeking compensation

If the unexpected happens and you become the victim of a car-bicycle crash, your injuries might be extensive. Thinking you are vulnerable and need the money, an insurance company may offer you a quick settlement. However, while you focus on your recovery, an advocate working on your behalf can negotiate insurance compensation to cover your present and future medical needs, pain and suffering and more.